Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Yay! Wifi is working!!

Might have something to do about the fact that everyone is going out. Téa and I are staying at the hostel since we already went out for drinks earlier and we really need to study. I also promised to help Téa with her resumé.

I thought I'd tell you a little bit about the school?
Everyday we get new drinks to learn for homework and we get tested on them in the AM. Sometimes we have another test that requires more information. Like today we had a master class regarding distillation, vodka and gin and we have a test about them on Friday.
After the test we get into three or four groups and rotate from actual bartending, to free-pouring, to flairing and then study. I love the bartending part the most, since it's the actual thing we'll be doing. Flairing isn't really my thing, but I'm getting better at it, so I guess you could say that I'm sorta getting into it. Free pouring is HARD! Free pour is when you pour alcohol or other liquids without using measuring cups. It's fun, but not easy, and I'm pretty sure it's against the law in Finland?!
We go to school from 9AM to about 3PM with a lunch break in between. We also have different events every week. Like this week we're going to the world's biggest 3D movie screen, on Friday we're going Cocktail tasting, and on Saturday we have a partybus coming to pick us up to take us around 5 bars in Sydney!!! We're all super amped about Saturday.

Anyways, I think that pictures are way more fun then a lot of text, so here are some pics I snapped today!


Anonymous said...

Heippa! Mistä oot löytäny ton koulun? :) Ja kauan se kestää yhteensä? Olis mukava jos tekisit siitä jossain vaiheessa oman postauksen!

Ansku said...

Moikkis! Ihan facesta ku mainoksia pomppaa etusivulle lähes päivittäin :)
Tottakai voin! Kirjotan ehkä sen sitten viikon päästä, niin on vähän enemmän kirjoitettavaa!