Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas down under

Morning for me, good night for some and good day for the rest? 

I know, I know! Haven't been blogging in a while. Mostly I've just been at this local pool, swimming and tanning, so there hasn't really been that much to talk about. 
Christmas has passed, or at least it sorta has for me since Boxing Day isn't really a big deal in Finland. 
I definitely had the weirdest Christmas I've experienced so far. On the 24th, we had this huge deal at the hostel. We ate some Danish Christmas dishes that the guys had prepared for us, and ate cold porridge for dessert? Danish people have weird desserts... 
After that we just hung out having a laugh while having some drinks. We spent the rest of the night at a bar in a hotel, which was so much fun! I didn't go to bed until like 5.30AM, so it's safe to say that the Christmas Day wasn't very enjoyable. Tèa and I did go to Bondi though, and it was packed with people dressed in Christmas gear. 
Interesting to say the least. 

I don't really have any smart pictures to show, but here are some regardless.

The last picture is just so funny!! Tèa insisted that we'd talk to this group of people, and Tèa was upset about not having a regular candle to light for Christmas, so they gave us a candle that smelled like cinnamon. Anyways Tèa was like obsessed with the smell (loves cinnamon) and so acted weirdly and decided she wanted a pic under this picture. 

P.S. It was a regular IKEA candle so no need to think that we were being stupid accepting candles from strangers. 

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