Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sleeping on the beach

Evening folks!

Today has been like the most chill day I have had in a LONG time. I love waking up knowing that I can do whatever I want to do without worrying about homework, studying, working, or doing something else I'm supposed to do that day.

I decided to go to Bondi Beach to hang out with Téa, Annemiek and Ellen. They all got an apartment there, so it's more convenient if I go there. Especially since public transportations are amazing here in Sydney! You can buy this card called Opal, and you download whatever amount you want starting from 10 dollars. If you manage to ride the train for more than 8 rides a week, you get to ride the rest of the week for free. On trip is like 3dollars.
So anyways, we just hung out at the beach doing nothing. We all pretty much fell asleep. The water was super nice today. The current wasn't as strong, so you didn't have to worry about being dragged to the shore as soon as a bigger wave came towards you...

When I arrived home I made some pasta for myself and took a shower.
Nothing feels better than taking a shower after a day at the beach. Sand is literally everywhere!! I also managed to get a little sunburnt, even though I put on 30+ sunscreen on. The sun is so hot here it's

Tomorrow I think I'm going to the beach again, but on Monday I think I'll walk about 15min to this outdoor pool thing instead. I've been dying to swim for so long!! And because of the waves you can't really do it at the beach. Téa and I are also going to the zoo and the blue mountains next week, which I'm super stoked about!!!! I want to see them kangaroos...

See ya later alligators!

P.S. I want to wish Courtney the bestest of birthdays! You're my favorite American middle sister. Lol!

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