Friday, December 19, 2014

Officially a bartender

You heard me right!!

I passed! With flying colors I might add. The only thing I didn't pass was the flair exam, but you didn't have to pass that one in order to pass the course. However it did take down my grade from an A to a B, but I still got a 90%, so I'm not complaining.

Last night was graduation night. It started with punch and drinks at the school, were we also found out if we had passed the course. At like 7PM we walked to a restaurant called Fogo were EBS provided us with an amazing all you can eat- buffee! It was so good!!!! I'll never say no to free food. Lol.
After that we went to a place called Frankie's, which wasn't really my thing with live music and no place to dance, so we decided to go to another place, but Tea and I managed to get left behind so we ended up getting lost. Thankfully amaysim provides me with the access to internet, so I used google maps to get us to where we needed to be. Unfortunately at that point we were both so exhausted that we just decided to take a cab back to the hostel.
At the hostel we hung out with some of the guys that were leaving early today, and said our goodbyes. It's so sad to not be able to just be with everyone everyday like we have for almost a month now.

It feels so weird not having to go to school or not to stress about anything. Today I'm just going to nap and chill at the hostel. I need to buy some food and get some money to pay for my hostel for the next two weeks. I decided to stay in Sydney, since I really wanted to see the fireworks at the Opera house.
I'll do another post about my plans for the rest of my time here in Australia, and I have a couple of other posts coming up as well! I should have time to blog almost everyday, if there is something special to blog about that is, sooooo if any of you want me to write about something, just ask!


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