Sunday, December 28, 2014

What to do

The weather has been kinda bad today. It's warm, but overcast and it looked like it was going to rain. It didn't though.
Today I have done nothing at all, but sometimes you need days like those. I did workout, and plan for our trip to the Blue Mountains tomorrow. Yay, more touristy things to do. 

But I'm not here to tell you about what I'm doing tomorrow because I want to do it when I've actually done it. If that somewhat makes sense? 
What I wanted to tell y'all was the plans for the next part of my backpackers life. 
On the 2nd of January I'm hopping up on a bus and going to Melbourne! 

To be quite honest... I'm getting tired of Sydney. I've been here for over a month now and kinda feel like I've done it all. I most likely haven't, but I like to pretend that I have because it gets me all excited for everything else I'll be doing here in Aussieland. 
I'll be spending 10 days in what I've heard to be one of the greatest cities in OZ. I even found a hostel where they serve breakfast! Awesomeness overload. 
After 10 days of conquering Melbourne, I'm flying to see my favorite Australian person on the whole planet - Sue. She lives in Perth, were apparently Penguins roam some beach near it, and I so happen to love Penguins, and Sue. SO YAY! 
After an awesome time in Perth I was juggling two options...
1) Ayers Rock or Uluru as many of y'all might know it as
2) flying straight to the Great Barrier Reef aka. Cairns, which is the city I'll be sleeping in. 

I really wanted to see that stupid, sacred rock, but the trip there is like 500euros more expensive and I'd rather use that money for something like learning how to scubadive, or even better: SKYDIVING. 
So I will not be going to see one of the wonders of the world, but I'm okay with it. I would be doing it by myself anyways, and have no one to take pictures with, so screw that. 

This decision leads to option number 2!!!! I'll be flying to Cairns on the 22nd of January, or that is what it looks like as of now. If I'm loving Perth, I might stay a bit longer, but I will be on the east coast before February, since I want to be able to do everything I want too, before I fly home on the 27th. 
On my list of places to go to is definitely:
  • whitehaven beach (ummm, yes please?) 
  • Mission Beach (heard they have an amazing skydiving thingy there) 
  • Surfers Paradise (just because I'd like to think I'm cool) 
  • Brisbane (duhh) 
And maybe some other places I have yet not heard of, but will. YAY for freedom and all that. 
TO be honest, I did miss work a little bit today. I'm kinda bad with not doing anything. Lol. 

Hugs and kisses to everyone, but especially to Isa and Meri because they have finally stopped being teenagers and turned to young adults! YAY, for 20! 21 is way better though. 36more days until that. 


Anonymous said...

Kuulostaa niin hyvältä! Ihanaa matkaa, nauti!
Oliko sulla paljon rahaa säästössä kun läksit reissuun? Onko Australia kallis, minkälainen budjetti olisi hyvä sinne?

Ansku said...

Voi kiitos!! Yritetään ;)
On se aika, mut voin vaikka jossain postauksessa kertoa siitäkin :)