Thursday, February 19, 2015

My 21st birthday in pics

Woke up at 8AM, at this luxurious bunkbed, to my roomies leaving in a hurry to watch the superbowl or something. Safe to say I went back to bed. 

My breakfast all day everyday. A boiled egg (no salt or pepper bc it's too expensive) and some greek youghurt with chopped bananas! I actually quite enjoy this. 

Booked two trips for both tomorrow and Wednesday! I will tell more about them tomorrow! Yayyyy, so excited! 

Pretty much what my day consisted of! You can see the Airlie Beach lagoon in the background. It's actually a pool, but I guess it makes it look more fancy with a name like that. I also found this REALLY cute bookstore that sells and changes books. I bought the one in the picture for 2dollars??? I read it already, so I need to go and exchange it for another one. Yay!

My birthday meal today! Cheeseburger and a chocolate sunday! Yummaaaay! I'm trying to eat on the healthier side now, but decided to have a cheatday as it is in fact my birthday, and since I'm not getting a cake from anyone.... Hamburgers it is! Or one... But still

Of course I wasn't going to wolf down a Mickey D's meal without a workout in the evening. I really have been quite lazy with working out here, but it is hard when the temperature is pretty much 40 degrees everyday (100 for y'all Americans)... That's one thing I'm looking forward to coming home! Whoopping this big butt of mine back into shape! Yay

This is what my 21st birthday consisted of. It wasn't special in any way, but it was something different and relaxing as hell.  
A bit lonely, but getting a call from my favourite Godfather helped! 

Happy birthday to me! May the future years still bring out the swan out of my ugly duckling-ness. Just kidding! 

19/2/15: This never got posted because of the poor wifi at Airlie, so I'm posting it a tas bit late. Haha! Anyways here was what my 21st birthday was like. 

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