Friday, February 20, 2015

Tropical Cyclone Marcia

Hiya peeps! 

Yes, you read correctly. A cyclone hit Byron Bay. Well not exactly here, but closer to Brisbane. It's expected to get into a cathegory 4 cyclone at some areas, which has led to evacuations. Fortunately I am in no danger! 
It's been raining for 24 hours straight now, and me being used to the storms we get in Finland, which get super wild and crazy (read the sarcasm), am getting kinda sick of it. I want the sunny weather and laid back atmosphere back! Like right now, so I am definitely adding sunshine to my prayers tonight along with the wishes to keep everyone at the bad areas safe. 

Otherwise I am pretty much all smiles. The people here are so chill that you can't help not to be happy. 

A funny thing that happened last night when I ran into one of the annoying German boys from Surfers: 
Me: "Sorry, I am not Peter Pan. I think you mean Finland." 

It might not seem that funny to y'all, but Julia, Rosie and I sure had a laugh! And I got to own the annoying prick (as Amy, my friend from Birmingham taught me to say). 

Including pictures of some of the new stuff I've purchased while being here in stralia. 

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