Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Surfers Paradise

Hey people! 

I know I said I was going to Sunshine Coast, but the guy who I was supposed to stay with ended up cancelling because of some work troubles, or somehing. I don't mind though because I realized that I was only going there to visit my friend for a day and the zoo, so it felt kinda pointless? Especially since I went to the Sanctuary and all. 
Instead I took the bus straight to Surfers Paradise. 
I pictured it to be something completely different to be quite frank. I thought it would be like a little beachy town with beaches and markets and stuff, but ended up seeing this.

Quite different right? Lol. 

Anyways the hostel is pretty bad. I hit my head everytime I try to get into my bunkbed and I'm like a hobbit, so good luck tall people. I also had one of the worst nights last night. 
I live in like an apartment complex, with one room with 4 bunkbeds, and another 4 beds in like the livingroom area? I ended up in the livingroom area with 3 German boys, who only speak German and listen to their music nonstop on full volume. During the day I honestly don't mind, but last night they ended up going out, and I woke up to them coming home, which is fine, but what wasn't OK, was them starting to slam doors and yell something incomprehendable and to play their music at 2 in the morning. 
What annoyed me even more is the 3 Swedish girls living in the other room in the complex and they are ALWAYS slamming their door at like 7AM. I mean come on? It is as if people don't know what being respectful is. 
So I'm a pretty tired girl right now, looking forward to move on to Byron Bay tomorrow where the hostel is supposed to be quite big. Keeping my fingers crossed!! 

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